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Iteego has specialized in bridging the gap between new software and actual business requirements since 2002. We are experts in minimizing cost and maximizing returns in large-scale e-commerce implementation and enterprise software integration.

We pride ourselves in being a leading provider of continuous delivery in large-scale application development and we deliver results in productivity that has yet to be matched in the industry.

Times have changed

The way we look at enterprise software today is radically different from how we saw things five years ago. There is a higher level of maturity in software platforms, which enables companies to leverage a larger amount of functionality in shorter implementation cycles.

And these are exciting times!

By the same token, with additional functionality comes higher cost. More advanced software also brings a new challenge to the table - finding domain knowledge to lead the implementation of your business systems.

As a result, companies find that although they have invested record amounts in new platforms, they spend even more on implementation - both in project time lines and domain knowledge acquisition. After all is said and done, you are left wondering:

“what happened to minimizing our cost?”

“what about the 9-month ROI I was promised?”

The answer to this issue is hidden in the methods used. In order to achieve true productivity, it is imperative that modern methods be used. Iteego recognizes this need and has developed the first true productivty platform to address it. You will find details under the products section.

The Iteego team consists of Oracle Commerce Professionals, Web Designers, Project Managers, experts in JAVA and J2EE software development, legacy system integration, custom application development and operational management.

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Services and Solutions

Iteego provides solutions in software development and integration for the enterprise. A majority of Iteego’s work is related to Oracle Commerce (ATG) projects, through Business Consulting, Best Practices, Architecture Consulting, Technical Leadership and Software Development Services.

In addition to general consulting, Iteego offers service packages directly targeted at creating value for your Oracle Commerce project.

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Our Clients love us!

I have never seen such a high-performance development team in my 20 years of time in the IT industry.

Claudia M
-Scrum Maste

You have been one of the most wonderful people to work with. And most supportive, hardest working. I / we couldn’t have done what we’ve done in the past 2+ years without you. You’re a tremendous asset to Team and to Kohler Co. Don’t ever forget it your value. You’re absolutely brilliant. It’s been such an honor to be your PO,

Kristen Grace
-Product Owner Kohler

Iteego team’s innovative ideas and solutions are always best and we always look forward to them.

-Product Owner
Of Agile team of a B2B Portal