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“ATG makes the Web marketing and e-commerce software and delivers the on demand e-commerce hosting solutions that the world’s top brands use to power their leading-edge e-commerce Web sites; attract prospects; convert them to buyers; and offer stellar ongoing customer care. Together, these capabilities comprise a complete set of commerce Internet solutions for business and help our customers create a satisfied, loyal, and profitable online customer base.”

Source atg.com

The Iteego team is proud to work closely with ATG, ATG partners and ATG customers to ensure successful ATG deployments.

Atg Continuous Delivery

With en ever increasing landscape of software and solutions, integration costs are increasing accordingly. Even with the best software available, your ability to respond to market demands depends on your ability to match your functional requirements rapidly and accurately. Iteego provides a market-leading solution for Continuous Delivery with ATG, allowing for record-breaking performance, reliability and accuracy in delivering custom ATG solutions.

Atg Best Practices

With a framework as rich as ATG, you are bound to ask yourself “has this solution been done before?”, “are we doing this the right way?”, “what are the best-practices for fulfilling our particular business requirements?”. With Iteego as your partner, you will have our experience and our extensive ATG network at your disposal for finding answers to these questions. We will work closely with you to come up with tangible recommendations on your platform, operational and architecture decisions.

Atg Business Consulting

Have you gone ahead with your vendor selection and ATG came up the winner? Congratulations! You have made an excellent choice. Iteego team has over 20 deployments with the ATG framework and can guide you to a true success story with this new exciting platform. Iteego utilizes a small set of proven approaches to success with the ATG framework, taking you from the inception phase of your projects with requirements gathering, gap analysis and requirements specifications through design, implementation, testing, deployment, performance tuning and transition. One of the most important factors behind a successful ATG deployment is to have a proper entry point - knowing which questions to ask - knowing which process to follow. At Iteego we have developed a simple, yet very powerful and effective approach to adopting the ATG framework in an organization for the first time.

Atg Performance

Iteego team is a group of ATG Experts, with years of experience in ATG production deployments. Part of a successful ATG deployment is ATG Performance Tuning. The ATG platform is robust and scalable when best practices are followed. With Iteego as your guide, you will be able to take your ATG application scalability to a new level with quick page load times and high level of elasticity.

Atg Architecture

The Iteego team has been part of the ATG story since 1999, with exposure to more than 120 end-to-end ATG deployments. This amount of experience makes us somewhat unique in the industry, and gives us the ability to provide excellent architecture services across many market verticals.

Atg Mentoring

Sometimes the best and most effective way to augment your team’s domain knowledge is to have a subject-matter expert on-site working with you and your team during well-defined parts of your ATG implementation project. Iteego can provide on- and off-site consulting services to keep your development team from getting stuck, keeping them on the right track on a day-to-day basis and help develop some of the more difficult customizations required for your business.

Atg Software Developement

Iteego is an international organization with offices in several countries. Our team consists of some of the strongest software developers in the industry - and they have hands-on ATG experience. We take on larger software development projects as well as smaller tasks to augment our on-site services offerings.

Atg Integrations

A major part of ATG implementations is usually to integrate with 3-rd party systems, like for example order management, catalog management and fulfillment systems. Many times integrating to these systems requires custom software development. Iteego has a strong background in developing high-availability and scalable integrations and we can help you minimize your exposure to this part of your ATG deployment.